do i have another year?

this is a savior question.

"do i have another year in me?"

it will keep our spirits calibrated. it will keep us honest. it will keep us focused. it will prevent us from falling down the rabbit hole of tragically wasting valuable chunks of our life. cause that shit happens. trust me.

and the question fits so well.

in relationships. in dealing with our careers. in decisions about school. in battling with our bodies (wellness). in ambition.

do i have another year? - is, possibly, the greatest open source question of all time.

because, when you think about it, what should we be putting our hearts, soul, and time into today - that we wouldn't want to be putting our hearts, soul, and time into a year from now? not much.

and what experience, environment, person, or pain would we not want to be dealing with a year from now - that would shouldn't start dealing with today?

this question is a boomerang with a camera attached. we can toss it into the future, take an honest picture, and let it inform our actions in real-time.

this is the question that smart people ask themselves.
this is a building block of getting good.

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