getting good is code cracking

like finding our way out of a maze. like conquering the boss at the video game's top level. like sniffing out the play at the line of scrimmage. like knowing what she wants in her coffee without asking. like filling in the blanks.

getting good at being human, for each of us, individually, is just code cracking.

it's soul-crushing rehearsal, day in and day out, and, finally, getting to the point where we 1) know our lines, and 2) can start the process of acting.

it's the uncomfortable edits.

it's knowing exactly how many miles you need to run to stop pondering a disappointment. it's knowing what classic album shifts your mood into magic. it's knowing what flavor ice cream represents the perfect reward for you, earlier that day, standing up for yourself in a crowd full of people.

getting good is routine making.
it's habit forming.

it's solving for Y.
it's solving for WHY.

it definitely isn't paint by number. it definitely isn't handed down. it definitely isn't, at its core, people pleasing. and it definitely isn't, by any means, a copy and paste mimic of what we've seen before.

it's a code.
it's your code.

and therefore...unique.

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