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Your credit card will be charged $5 USD monthly or $45 USD yearly, based on the plan you select. You can cancel your plan at any time by emailing us at There are no refunds or credits for partial months.

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Every Monday we'll send a newsletter out to our Company Pass holders containing exclusive goodies and/or private links viewable content. Occassionally, you notice a "Company Pass Only" preview piece in our DISCOVER homepage timeline. That's a heads-up that you've either received that content already, or it's on its way!

Can I receive an invoice for my Company Pass subscription?

Sure! I you would like an invoice, let us know at

What if I'm not receiving the Company Pass email?

Don't fret! First, be sure to check your Spam folders and make sure "" is in your contact list. If you're still having issues getting the Monday email, just shoot us a note at and we'll get things figured out.