Content Producer, Video

Content Producer (Video) is an all-around, creative, visual brainstormer who will work closely with the Founder & CEO to edit, write, direct, and produce all levels of video content aligning with the company's voice and objectives. This person will think in color, and have a consistent green-light in the development of new ideas that can be articulated through video media. We're looking for a constant pitch machine who is a natural storyteller, and has a passion for influencing audiences with meaningful content. This candidate will have a diverse understanding and familiary with many genres, cultures, mediums, and other multimedia brands/creators.


Produce (and pitching) a weekly portfolio of 3-5 informative, inspiring and/or thought-provoking ideas/topics to deadline, which express and further Doc & Company's mission and voice.

Generate effective social video, long-form and video series ideas to meet the needs of our audiences and advertising partners.

Improve production strategies by reviewing video successes and tracking trends in content marketing/production and integrated video.

Assist with the production of audio/video recordings in studio and in the field.

Serves as Director on video productions in studio and in the field.

Coordinate studio bookings and location reservations.

Improve and create new relationships with a variety of content partners and the public at large.


5 years experience in Video Production. Vast experience with editing and motion graphic platforms is a plus.

Comfort and willingness to help and step in on any needed position while in the production environment if the situation where to arise.

Writing and screenwriting.

A solid understanding of digital video and social media platforms including, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Interest in newer or emerging platforms.

Effective interpersonal and organizational skills; especially when it comes to working directly with company heads.

Strong background in conceptual and visual thinking.

Must have great communication skills and be able to give and receive critical feedback in a small team environment


Doc & Company will always put its people and relationships over the bottom line. We are a human company built on values. We're not just focused on what we do - we're focused on how we do it. Integrity, transparencey, and ethics are very important to us. We want the personalities we bring on board to relect these principles. Character over talent. That's what we're looking for.

To apply for this position, send us personal note and resume to hello@docandcompany.com.