getting separation

proximity can be a blessing.
proximity can be a burden.

the energy and spirit of the people we surround ourselves with - it can either cultivate what's good in us, or suck the life, and potential, and positivity - right out of our soul.

some of us see the negativity in our surroundings and move, or setup boundaries, or shift things around (even the smallest thing), or blow the whole goddamn thing up and start over.

others freeze up and ignore the reality, or fear pushing people away, or can't stomach the idea of cutting someone off, or can't wrap their head around change, or put more value in company than they do personal growth.

the need for seperation.
it's so hard to realize.
it's so hard to see.

it hides itself under comfort, and associations, and camaraderie. but it can also hide itself under love, or relationships, or financial security, or tradition, or years of collaboration.

these aren't joking matters.

and that's why the only thing to do - is to question - hard. to examine. to take a temperature. to gauge the whether. as in...

is there a storm surrounding my soul?


does it weigh more than my happiness? is what i'm getting out of this worth the storm?

there is no yellow answer. it's red or it's green. and green doesn't just mean go. it means go...for goodness sake.

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