The internet, remixed and curated for getting good, without all the noise.

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Think of the Goodness app as your own personal filter for the internet. A filter run by humans - not algorithms.

Each week, we'll deliver 2-5 collections of content from around the web - straight to your mobile. These collections are curated, in house, by the Doc & Company team, and fall under a set of original principles (see our website) we've established that 1) help filter out the internet's noise, 2) foster positive culture & personal growth, and 3) compliment each of our individual efforts towards getting good at being human. We know people are overwhelmed with the amount of content being pushed into the world on a daily basis. It's endless. And too much of it, in our eyes, does little (if anything at all) in making us better humans. With these Goodness deliveries, Doc & Company wants to fulfill that objective while giving you the confidence and opportunity to put the phone down more often, get back to more quality human engagements, focus on your ambitions, and spend time on whatever self-care means to you.
Questions About The App

Are you making an IOS version?

Yes. Now that our Android app is LIVE we're going to push on the IOS side of things. We're hoping to release the IOS version during Summer 2018.

How much does the app cost?

Goodness is free. Our objective is to keep core access to the app free forever.

Can I Signup & Login through my social accounts?

Not currently, but we do have that on the feature roadmap.

Can I change my email or password?

You sure can. Both tasks can be completed within the app. If you have any issue, email us a and we'll get you squared away!

What are the principles you curate the Goodness app's content under?

We seek out content that meets a number of the following quidelines:

1) Has a positive intent.
2) Holds authenticity over virality.
3) Leaves room for open-mindedness and diversity.
4) Has and inspiring and/or informative nature.
5) Speaks to human emotion and spirit.
6) Maintains a creative, technical, and/or visual quality.

Is the content featured/embedded inside the app?

No. We link to our selections' original source or site, which will open in your mobile's browser. We don't wish to alter or manipulate the content we curate for deliveries in any way. The audio previews we offer, however, are recorded in-house and play directly within the Goodness app.

What content formats do you curate/select?

Anything really - articles, audio, videos, tweet storms, instagram posts, etc. As long as it fits our principles and can be linked to, we might very well feature it.

Do you stick to certain genres of content in your curation process?

Nope. We would just as soon add a cartoon piece or sports story into a delivery as we would a lifestyle or social piece. We believe what we're looking for can be found under many genres.

Are you always alluding to the entire piece of content?

A majority of the time, but not always. Some portion of the piece might stick out to us as super valuable. That's why we've added our own personal touch with the audio previews. Listening to the previews before visiting the curated links can add a bit of perspective and nuance.

How long are the audio previews?

We try to keep all audio previews under 1m 30s.

Can we submit content suggestions?

Sure! As long as you feel it adheres to our principles, we'd love to get your thoughts. Email us your suggestions with links to We'll be sure to give you a stellar shoutout. And who knows, you might be a good fit as a curating team member in the future!