shortness of breath.

after a certain age we are all introduced to this feeling in one way or another. that feeling of our chest tightening. that feeling of all the air in the room (or in the world) being unavailable. that feeling of being without the capacity to think clearly or find a second of mental peace. that feeling like we've lost all concepts of joy. the feeling like we're churning in the water as it rises too fast to survive.

and the causes
we know exactly what they look like
we know exactly what they are

like the lover who's lost all his/her ability to make us happy, or the job that feels like daily emotional dodge-ball, or the too small town that can't feed our ambitions, or the realization that our d.n.a just isn't made for school, or the friendship that feels much too one-side, or the collaboration that feels like it's about to come apart at the seams, etc...

each of these
trigger that shortness of breath

the question is
will we be listening
will we be present

will we, on that very first day we have to crack a window in search for extra air, recognize it for what it really is

not just a side effect
but the soul speaking

and speaking loudly

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