simple people simplify people.

we over simplify people now
that's what we do

and, to me, that feels like the easy way out

we categorize them
we see them as genres

we put all of our analytical stock into their small talk. we calculate their totality by the composition of their instagram feeds.

we boil people down to nothing
we've gotten lazy

because we're more than one layer, no matter how thin or transparent that top layer is. we should dig more. we've got deeper to go with people. and sure, some are more of a shallow depth than others, but we can't let that shift the effort we put into learning people as a whole.

humans aren't easy
that's the crazy and beautiful thing

our guesstimations will turn a phenomenal thing (the experience of truly learning a person) into a trivial experience

we'll go down as failures for it

i rather do the work

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