leigh takata is getting good

A few weeks ago, we invited a few people we've never met over to our studio to talk about some human things.

do I have another year?

This question is a boomerang with a camera attached. We can toss it into the future, take an honest picture....

shortness of breath

that feeling of being without the capacity to think clearly or find a second of mental peace


film club

an invitation to a delicious, on-going conversation about films and how they impact our getting good at being human.

simple people simplify people

We categorize them. We see them as genres. We put all of our analytical stock into their small talk.

getting separation

Some of us see the negativity in our surroundings and move, or setup boundaries, or shift things around (even the smallest thing), or blow the whole goddamn thing up and start over.

our identity needs a crisis

because what is unchallenged character? a body - going through the motions?


book club

how we feel about films, we feel about books - only double the love